RMIG Trieur

RMIG Trieur sheets are used for cleaning and sorting particularly grain and seeds.

RMIG Trieur

The size of the “pockets” depend on your requirements, however the shape of the “pockets” is the most important consideration for the performance of the machine. RMIG Trieur sheets are cut to size according to your specific requirements and then rolled or welded into a cylinder.

These products offer you the highest quality for sorting and separating seeds to minimize your waste. RMIG Trieur sheets are made of steel or stainless steel.


The advantages of RMIG Trieur sheets are:

  • Optimal number of “pockets” per square metre
  • Quality checks for ensuring pocket tolerances
  • Precision, long-life sheets

Cleaning and sorting

Wheat, spelt, rye, barley, oat, raw rice, maize, rape and other seeds

Seeds – grain needs to be the same size and weight for processing. RMIG Trieur sheets separate according to the length of the grain. To guarantee constant sizes and shapes, different sheet configurations are available. When separating round grain, RMIG Trieur sheets will sift out short, round or broken grain, whilst during the separation of long grain cereals sizing can also be performed e.g. the separation of oats from wheat.


Pulses, white rice, barley, pearl barley and rye

Seed processing

Vegetable seed, pulses, sesame, linen seed, sunflower, oil seed, alfalfa, clover seed, grass seed, raw rice, maize and cereals

Bulk materials

RMIG Trieur sheets are also used in the processing of fluid and industrial bulk materials such as plastic granules, wood pellets, minerals and recycling materials.

Machine productivity increases because RMIG Trieur sheets minimize the space between the pockets to allow maximum throughput per hour.

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