Round hole perforation

Whether used for technical or decorative applications, round hole perforations are the most frequently used in perforated products. Geometrically, a round hole is the most solid shape.

Round hole perforation from RMIG

Round hole perforations provide the possibility of a large open area and strength and comes in triangular, diagonal, straight or staggered rows and also with decorative holes.

Our perforated sheets with round hole perforations are used in many applications for example:


  • for agriculture (sieves for sorting/grading of seeds and stones)
  • for the building industry
  • for the recycling industry (sorting of bulk materials)

Protection and ventilation sheets

Round holes are often used for acoustics and safety for the IT industry, as well as machinery construction for protection and ventilation panels.

Round holes offer a large ventilation opening with effective protection for the machine parts inside.


Round hole perforations offer an aesthetic decorative privacy shield and increases protection against the sun, and are also used for infill panels in balconies and balustrade panels.

Our vast experience as Europe’s largest producer and supplier of perforated products ensure we are your reliable and competent partner to process several types of raw materials.

Take inspiration offered by the vast number of possibilities and feel free to contact us for further information.  

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