Food processing

Perforated materials are widely used within the food processing industry due to their broad range of useful qualities. The most obvious demand of the food processing industry is a high level of hygiene which perforated materials are more than capable of meeting. Perforated screens are also strong with important thermal capabilities making them useful solutions for a wide range of food processing applications.

Tailor-made perforated solutions are ideal for cleaning, heating and steaming in food production environments. So whether it concerns baking trays, cereal cleaning or ingredient conveyers, all our perforated materials can be custom-made for applications to meet customers’ exacting requirements.

Cereal processing

Perforated sheets for grain processing

Information on screens for pre-cleaning, grain drying, separation, hammer mills, malting and more.

RMIG Sugar Screens

RMIG Sugar Screens

Premium quality perforated screens for cane and beet sugar processing.

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