The business strategy of RMIG Solutions

The strategy of RMIG Solutions is to be a global supplier of premium perforation solutions consistently delivering outstanding results.

Our aspiration

Our winning aspiration is to be the world leader in premium perforated metal solutions. We offer our products globally and work to be recognised as a trusted partner for our reliability, quality, innovation and know-how. Our goal is to deliver profitable growth year-on-year.

Where we play

We play in the markets for wear & tear parts and durable components. We provide tailor-made products and services to selected industrial segments and original equipment manufacturers. We focus our efforts in areas of food and feed processing, agriculture, water treatment, green energy and building projects.

How we win

We win by using our global reach and local presence to build strong relationships that create value for our customers and ourselves. We use our know-how and experience to provide versatile quality solutions in industrial applications for filtration, sorting, airflow, safety, sound, aesthetics and functional design purposes.

Who we are

Our success is the development, engagement and know-how of our employees. Our key capabilities are our market reach and presence, our machinery and tooling knowledge, and our industrial perforation know-how. We are structured around our markets and customers backed by operational units and supporting functions.

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