Are you City Emotional?

New perforated materials can stimulate exciting urban design, we call this City Emotion …

Does your imagination have holes in it?

Can you imagine the effect of a perforated design incorporated into your latest architectural project?

RMIG's City Emotion philosophy captures the passion for creating exciting urban design.

City Emotion Website

City Emotion

Website link for architects looking for inspiration - "Your imagination is your only limitation".

Link to Lighting

Perforated Lighting panels

Need more information about lighting? Then follow this link.

Link to facades

Perforated sheets from RMIG used for facade

Innovative and unique facades that enhance and give distinction to any architectural project.

Link to Audi Terminal facades

Link to Audi Terminal facades

RMIG has supplied perforated sheets for several Audi Terminal facades. Follow the link for more information.

Link to balustrades

Perforation from RMIG used for balustrades

Decorative and protective perforated balustrades. Follow the link for more information.

Link to sun screens

RM perforation used for sun screens

Perforated sun screens can be functional, environmentally friendly and yet attractive.

Link to ceilings

RM perforation used for ceilings

We offer a wide range of perforated sheets for sound absorbing and decorative ceilings.

Link to Downloads

Case studies on perforated materials

Link to Downloads - view PDF's where inspiration brochures and case studies can be found.

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