Audi Terminal facades

RMIG has supplied perforated and anodised aluminium sheets with folded edges for facades for many Audi Terminals.

Perforated sheets used for facade for Audi Terminal

Audi intends that its car dealerships have a new homogeneous appearance throughout the whole world – and the transformation is happening now.

The new facade for Audi Terminals consists of perforated and anodised aluminium sheets folded to a unique shape. The perforation is a pattern consisting of hexagonal honeycomb holes to unite both aesthetics and dynamics.

RMIG has supplied the perforated sheets for the following Audi Terminal facades:


  • Espace 3000, Besançon (approx. 700 m²)
  • Audi Pericaud Sas, Limoges (approx. 250 m²)
  • Audi Ravon, Saint Germain Laprade (approx. 475 m²)







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