Perforated Ceiling tiles

Perforated functional and decorative ceiling tiles

Perforated ceiling in Genoa Airport

Perforated patterned, attractive and sound absorbing ceiling tiles

Perforated steel, stainless steel and aluminium ceiling tiles can be supplied with both functional and aesthetic performance criteria for a ceiling in new or refurbished buildings. All these materials can be post painted, anodised or polished (where applicable). We also have the capabilities of perforating pre-painted materials.

RMIG has a range of perforating patterns that have been developed to provide architects with design solutions to improve sound absorption and enhance the visual appearance of the ceiling. However, if you cannot find the exact pattern you are looking for we can manufacture tooling to meet your specific requirements.

Having the ability to manufacture in a number of our factories across Europe allows us to offer cost effective production of high volumes for major projects, or low volume tailor made tiles.

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