Slot hole perforation

Slot hole perforations can have either round ends or square ends (rectangular holes) and are typically used for sieves.

Sieves with slot holes

Depending on the application requirements there are a range of slotted holes and patterns e.g staggered or straight rows, herring bone and chessboard from which to select.

Get inspiration from the numerous possibilities of perforation and please ask for any advice. 

A few applications for slot hole perforated sheets

  • Sieves for grain drying and sorting
  • Malting floors (drying-kiln and germ-hutches)

Sieves for seed processing machinery are used in both the pre-cleaning and main cleaning of grain, maize, oil seeds, legumes, malt, rice, coffee and soy beans. The cleaning and sorting of seeds (malformed, discoloured, germinated, broken, contaminated with other species or mouldy grains in seed lots) can severely impact seed quality, viability and vigour and therefore the market value.

When used for this application RMIG sieves achieve high quality cleaning and accurate sorting of seeds.

Sieves for sorting machines

Sieves for revolving screen machines

  • Test sieves for grain according to DIN/ISO 3310
  • Laboratory sieves with a high degree of accuracy

Food processing industries

  • Fodder and grain mills

Recycling industries

  • Separation
  • Pellets and granulates production

RMIG's screens for malting floors are manufactured to high quality standards giving reliability and effectiveness. For all processes, from drying-kiln to germ-hutches, perforated sheets incorporating slot hole perforation are predominantly used.

Brewery and Winery/Others

  • Malting floors made of steel and stainless steel for malt processing technology
  • Sieves for press houses and presses
  • Sieves for paring and polishing rice
  • Rope belt conveyers
  • Decorative applications

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