Perforated sheets can be used effectively within many industries. Here we describe some of these applications and industries. We offer solutions tailor made to your requirements and will meet your needs with uncompromising service, precision and uniformity.

Industrial processing

Perforated screens used for industrial processing

Perforated screens for waste water, petrochemical, health care, chemical, energy and paper industries.

Food processing

Perforated screens for the food industry

Perforated screens increase crop yields in the agricultural industry, including sugar production.

Buildings and Interiors

Perforation in architecture

Perforation and expanded metal in architecture - be inspired!


Perforation, Multi Media and Communication

Perforated sheets for loudspeaker grilles and ventilation grilles.


Perforated metal  for automotive applications

Pressed and perforated metal components for automotive applications.

Household appliances

Perforated products for household appliances

Corrosion resistant and long life perforated products for the household appliances.

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