RMIG Embossed Sheets

It is the indiscriminate reflection of light that creates impressive architecture, made possible by the use of RMIG Embossed sheets.

Embossed and R3U5 perforated 1.5 mm aluminium

Architectural applications

Embossed sheets are often used as decorative elements within a wide range of applications such as simple cover plates, shop decorations or sophisticated facade claddings.

The sheets are opaque and have a stylish visual effect due to their texture.

Anti-skid applications

Embossed sheets are also used for pure functional applications: for example as platforms for gang-ways and machine parts, mainly as an anti-skid application.
Depending on the form and type of embossing, the sheets can be used where various anti-skid and stiffening properties are required. Such patterns are seen in the transportation sector.

Similarly, the sheets can be used where both decorative and functional requirements have to be met, for example, indoor swimming pools and shipbuilding.

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