Bridge slot perforation for biomass drying

The demand for alternative sources of sustainable or renewable energy is constantly growing. Using RMIG Bridge Slot sheets is the most effective way of drying woodchip to an optimum moisture content, ensuring boilers operate efficiently, which benefits the farming and agricultural industries alike.

RMIG Bridge Slot perforation used for biomass drying

RMIG Bridge Slot perforation

– the perfect solution for biomass drying floors

RMIG Bridge Slot perforation sheets play an essential role when it comes to the design and manufacture of biomass drying floors. The combination of sheet thickness and opening size allows our sheets to be used either as a suspended floor in wood chip drying containers and trailers or as drive-on drying floors in outdoor buildings. The bridge slot opening size determines the products that can be dried. These can range from fine oilseed rape through to the larger grains and cereals, as well as logs and wood chip drying.

Robust and long lasting

The thickness profile of RMIG Bridge Slot sheets makes them hard-wearing and strong.

With the correct layout and support structure beneath them, RMIG Bridge Slot sheets are ideal as drive-on drying floors for heavy loading/unloading vehicles with buckets, such as telehandlers and tractors.

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