Waste water

With increasing environmental awareness the water industry presents special challenges in the use of perforated products. A key consideration in such applications is the aggressive nature of the water towards the materials used.

Perforated sheets for storm guards

High flow, burr-free perforated waste water screens

We have vast experience in servicing the waste water industry, producing fine and coarse screens suitable for either industrial or municipal water treatment. Our perforated materials provide high flow as well as less resistance and are used extensively in the production of escalator steps and brush screens.

Accurate screen tolerances and effective separation

Our expertise in controlling cambering ensures that tight tolerances for both material and perforation sizing allows high accuracy on critical screen margins. In addition, our perforated screens are used to control the watercourse during storm retention on combined sewer networks. This allows effective separation by retaining solids in the foul flow and eliminating the need for screen handling.

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