Grain drying screens

RMIG supplies screens in both galvanised and stainless steel giving optimal airflow and strength. We guarantee high quality and effective processing whilst still being cost-effective.

RM Round hole perforation used for floor drying

Screens for silo drying, floor drying and grain dryers

RMIG manufactures prime quality screens to make your processing more effective – and we always provide you with professional advice in your choice of perforation patterns and materials to optimize the process and your costs. The design of the screen affects the airflow – and the airflow directly affects the drying rate. We can custom make any design according to your requirements.

RMIG Round hole perforation

Round hole perforation is the most solid shape of all perforations and round hole perforations in pre-galvanised steel are often used for silo and floor drying.

RMIG Bridge Slot perforation

Bridge slot perforation is a special perforation manufactured with exacting precision. The combination of a heavy sheet thickness and very fine openings provides a great resistance for filtering and ventilation. RMIG Bridge Slot sheets are produced in mild steel and can be used where grain needs to be stored under certain moisture conditions. Bridge slot perforation is often used for drying products of all kinds, for example herbs, tea, grain and grass seed, maize, rape seed and wood chips, as well as larger cereals such as wheat and barley. RMIG Bridge Slot sheets are durable and strong due to the thickness profile. This makes them ideal as drive-on drying floors.

  • Grain drying is a critical step in preparing the crops for storage.
  • The drying and cooling process prevents germination of seeds and inhibits bacterial growth. Air carries moisture away from the grain, and higher airflow rates give higher drying rates.
  • The ability of a screen to move air through the grain will depend upon the screen design.

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