Separation and grading screens

For complex separation processes the quality of the perforation is extremely important for efficiency and quality! For that reason precision, efficiency and tight tolerance levels are standard for all our solutions complete with professional service and advice.

Trieur cylinder

High precision and large selection of patterns

We offer a variety of commercial screens for separation and grading that make it cost-effective to achieve uniformity in size and shape for all kinds of crops. This could include gravity tables, rotary, indented cylinders and length grading screens.

RMIG Trieur - maximum cells per m²

RMIG Trieur sheets are one of the most important components inside specialist machinery that size /sort grain or seeds and separate them from foreign bodies. In order to achieve the best results the correct shape of the ‘pockets’ is crucial. RMIG Trieur is designed with a minimum of spacing between the ‘pockets’ to provide the maximum sorting/sifting per square metre – for you to maximize your equipment productivity!

We are able to deliver sheets with almost any size of ‘pockets’ – round, flat or a combination of types. Furthermore, the sheets can be supplied as flat plain sheets cut to size or as rolled and welded cylinders. RMIG Trieur is available in mild and stainless steel.

  • Seed cleaning – malformed, discoloured, germinated, broken, contaminated with other species or mouldy grains in seed lots can severely impact seed quality, viability and vigour and therefore the market value.
  • Seed grading – for commercial seed processing, seed grains should have uniform size and weight. A variety of commercial equipment can be used to achieve uniformity in seed size and shape. This includes gravity tables, rotary screens, indented cylinders and length graders.

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