Hammer mill screens

RMIG is a specialist in the manufacturing of screens for hammer mills. We are able to offer you maximised open area screens to provide maximum throughput and lifetime.

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Maximum throughput

RMIG offers the world’s largest variety of screen patterns and sizes at competitive prices. We offer two different types of perforation patterns designed to optimize the throughput and lifetime of your screen, normal round hole perforation and Perfocon.

Example: Round hole perforation for hammer mills with maximum open area and screen thicknesses from hole size 2.0 mm and upwards.

Example: Perfocon from hole size 0.20 mm to 2.0 mm in up to 2.0 mm thick material.

Perfocon – easy exit with small holes in thick material

Exclusive to RMIG is the special product RMIG Perfocon with special shaped holes that allows easy exit of particles through the screen – even with small holes in thick material. A unique product in order to obtain a perfect result in the milling process. Special production techniques enable a sheet to be produced with a thickness many times greater than the hole diameter.
We offer RM Perfocon in mild, galvanised and stainless steel.

  • The open area in a hammer mill screen determines the particle size and grinding efficiency.
  • The screen must be designed to maintain its integrity and provide the highest possible open area.
  • Screen openings (holes) that are aligned in a 60-degree staggered pattern optimize the open area while maintaining screen strength.

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