All RMIG sugar screens are designed to meet today's large volume processing demands, and we know the sugar industry's requirements for quality in every respect and meet the demands with uncompromising service, precision and uniformity.

RMIG Rotary vacuum screens

RMIG Rotary vacuum screens - RMIG Mud filter screens

More information about the easy-to-install RMIG Rotary vacuum screens (RMIG Mud filter screens).

RMIG Centrifugal screens

RMIG Centrifugal screens

Find more information about RMIG Centrifugal screens for batch centrifugals.

RMIG Pulp press screens

RMIG Pulp press screens

Information on RMIG Pulp press screens.

RMIG Diffuser screens

RMIG Diffuser screens

One of RMIG's specialities is perforated screens for diffusers. Click on the arrow for more information.

RMIG Ancillary screens

Perforated sheets from RMIG

Besides special products for the sugar industry RMIG offers ancillary screens. More about RMIG perforation.

Specification list

RMIG Sugar products

Get the full overview on RMIG sugar products - find here an application and specification list.

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