Aluminium alloys suitable for anodising

Several types of aluminium can be used for anodising, but depending on the application some types may be more suitable than others.

Perforated anodised aluminium sheets from RMIG used for facade

Architectural and decorative applications

For facades, where guaranteed colour uniformity between several production batches is required, high spec raw material alloys may be obligatory. RMIG uses its purchasing power world wide, sourcing raw materials from mills and suppliers that guarantee a colour quality and uniformity for anodised products. RMIG is able to manufacture from pre anodised coils and sheets as well as products that are anodised after perforation. 

  • You, as our customer, can count on a reliable and consistent service with technical support for products and applications with high technological specifications. 
  • Sheets, coils and slit material can be processed and supplied with PVC foil, protecting products against scratches.

Below please find information on alloys suitable for anodising e.g. for architectural applications where the finished products are used for decorative purposes and where guaranteed colour uniformity is required. 

  • Aleris 55HXTM
  • Alcan AID
  • Novelis J57S


Technical applications

Following is a list detailing alloys suitable for anodising when used for technical applications.

  • Aluminium EN 5005 EQ (ALMG 1) - suitable for small architectural projects and other applications where guaranteed colour uniformity is not required
  • Aluminium EN 5754 EQ (ALMG 3) - becomes a little darker than EN 5005 EQ due to the content of magnesium. Please note that anodising of EN 5754 is suitable for technical purposes only because surface imperfections may occur.
  • Other types of aluminium (alloys) may be used, but the above mentioned types are the ones used most often. 


Alloys not suitable for anodising

  •  Aluminium EN1050 A (2S)

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