Perforated, embossed and indented facades

Visually stunning facades

Precision perforated aluminium cladding

Perforated, embossed and indented facades

RMIG's City Emotion captures the passion for creative urban design by offering innovative technologies and materials, and no better way is this exemplified than with our approach to facades. RMIG can help you realise your most ambitious architectural projects. Whether it's a perforated, embossed or indented façade or a combination, we can guide you in the benefits and practicality of producing your design. Not only do we perforate, we also cut, bend, shape and take responsibility for the all important finish e.g. powder coating, galvanising etc. Or maybe it's an expanded metal product you really require..........?

Full details about our facade case studies can be found by following the link on the right taking you to our City Emotion website Here you will find information about the projects that give the city all its emotional value!

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