RMIG Premium Perforation

Our goal is to fulfil the requirements of our customers by providing an extensive choice of high quality perforated products. With RMIG Premium Perforation, we have therefore taken perforation solutions to the next level. The RMIG Premium Perforation range offers perforation with hole diameters that are the same size as the sheet thickness, as well as holes that are smaller than the sheet thickness.

8 mm round hole in 10 mm thick stainless steel (pitch 12 mm)

RMIG Premium Perforation product range

With RMIG Premium Perforation, we offer products with holes the same size as sheet thickness, as well as hole sizes smaller than sheet thickness, such as:

1: Perforation with holes the same size as the material thickness (1:1 perforation) 

  • 0.50 mm holes in 0.50 mm stainless steel
  • 1.00 mm holes in 1.00 mm stainless steel

2: Perforation with hole size smaller than the material thickness

  • 0.20 mm holes in 1.00 mm stainless steel (RMIG Perfocon)
  • 1.00 mm holes in 1.50 mm mild steel
  • 8.00 mm holes in 10.0 mm stainless steel

RMIG is the world’s largest supplier of perforated sheets and one of the only companies to offer such an extensive range of these types of perforations from stock, as well as tailor-made solutions with other patterns and thicknesses.

RMIG Premium - taking perforation to the next level...

RMIG Premium Perforation gives you several advantages when compared to traditional and main-stream perforation in areas such as:

  • Durability (wearing)
  • Lifetime of screen (less replacement, fewer production stops for maintenance)
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Strength

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