Die cut and bent components

Die cut and bent metal components manufactured for use within the automotive and electronic industries.

Solutions with high precision

We manufacture die cut and bent products for use within the automotive and electronic industry. All types of metal-based materials are processed. Our up-to-date machinery equipment includes eccentric and hydraulic presses, an automatic cutting press (Bihler), as well as transfer lines with a press capacity of up to 400 tons.
Depending on the design of the tool, parts can be manufactured by using single or multiple stamping operations. 
Technical parameters:

  • Material thickness: ≤ 1 mm
  • Press capacity: hydraulic transfer presses: ≤ 400 to.
    • Eccentric presses: ≤ 250 to.
    • Hydraulic presses: ≤ 100 to.
  • Dimensions ( material width):
    • transfer presses: max. 800 mm
    • eccentric -/hydraulic presses: max. 580 mm
    • Bihler: max. 150 mm

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