Advantages of RMIG Expanded Metal

The advantages of using RMIG Expanded Metal are numerous and depend on the specific application. Below we have listed a few of the reasons for selecting RMIG Expanded Metal.

RMIG Expanded Metal

Light and cost efficient

It is a great advantage that expanded metal is not assembled nor welded, but always made in one piece.

  • No metal is lost in the expanding process, hence expanded metal is a cost effective alternative to other products.
  • Because there are no strained joints or welds, expanded metal is stronger and is ideal for forming, pressing and cutting.
  • Due to the expansion the weight per metre is less than that of the original sheet.
  • Due to the expansion a much bigger open area is possible compared to other similar products. 

Greater strength

The three-dimensional shape of the meshes is another advantage since the areas where the meshes meet are strong and enable the material to stand a far heavier point load than similar products or a flat sheet.

Anti-skid qualities

Some patterns have a type of mesh with special qualities that not only make the surface non-skid, but also give the expanded metal water and wind repellent qualities.

Ideal for secondary operations

RMIG Expanded Metal is ideal for secondary operations. To save time and to help reduce your costs RMIG offers to handle the secondary operations for you. It could be flattening, bending, welding, hot dip galvanising, painting or anodising of the RMIG Expanded Metal.

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