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Perforated sheets used in electro cabinets

High open area in a stabile frame

Whether in racks or server cabinets, the heat developed from integrated systems and components must be removed efficiently by fan modules. Within the IT industry, there is an increased demand for perforated sheets to help achieve this goal. Perforated sheets with a high open area (e.g. 80%) and large unperforated margins are the perfect solution for providing electrical components with adequate ventilation and thereby improving safety.

The best solution

We can manufacture sheets that are both functional and decorative, with a large variety of patterns to choose from – round holes, square holes, slot holes or hexagonal perforation, to mention just a few. As well as a wide choice of patterns, we also provide various finishing operations and surface treatments such as cutting, forming or welding, and galvanising, powder coating or anodising. All this combined will provide you with the best possible solution.

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