RMIG’s new recoiling system further improving accuracy and quality

15th August 2016

Quality guarantee

RMIG has recently purchased a new 1250 mm wide recoiling unit for our production facilities in the UK. The new unit allows for very accurate and tight recoiling of perforated coils. It is technically a more sensitive method, which makes the perforated material less prone to scratching or damage. This is an important advantage as such material is often pre-painted for architectural applications.

Range of coils

The new machine is capable of recoiling a range of thicknesses from 0.4 mm to 2.0 mm, and can recoil widths from 400 mm to 1250 mm. The recoiling line is rated for a maximum weight of 4,500 kg. Coils can be offered with or without cardboard inserts. 


With 1500 mm wide recoiling facilities at several of our plants, there is always plenty of capacity available. At our UK plant, the recoiling line is available on a 3-shift pattern. Our plants in Denmark and Germany have recently acquired new recoilers, and our plant in Sweden is also equipped with recoiling facilities, so we are ready to face any new challenges!

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