RMIG City Emotion is all about passion!


RMIG offers you solutions for perforated sheets, embossed sheets or expanded metal. Beyond the standard product range, your creativity will be boosted by our enthusiasm and our continuous innovation in the production of new and intricate patterns. RMIG City Emotion is all about passion!

Finishing operations and surface treatments

RMIG City Emotion is all about sensations! Give depth, colour and light to your architectural projects by using a range of fixings and finishes. Our perforating techniques successfully turn the vision of the designer into reality. Feel free to imagine the shape and form – we will provide the technology to produce it for you including bending, rolling, forming, coating, anodising etc.

How to install our products?

Perforated slot holes

Facade with 2 sizes of slot perforations manufactured in aluminium with a gold paint finish.

Anodised aluminium used for the facade of Oslo Opera House

Concave and convex forms in anodised aluminium.

Perforated sheets used for facade

Perforated sheets used for facade.


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