Classifications and grades

Classifications and grades for carbon steel.

Perforated products from RMIG

Mild Steel for cold forming

The higher the digits, the softer and better the material is for deep drawing, forming and levelling. All grades start with D.

  • HR pickled and oiled, grades DD11 – DD14, coils and sheets
  • CR, grades DC01 – DC07, coils and sheets
  • HDG, grades DX51D – DX57D, coils and sheets


Construction Steel

The 3 digits state the minimum yield strength in N/mm². All grades start with S.

  • HR, black, grades S220 – S700MC, coils and sheets
  • CR grades S220G – S325G, coils and sheets
  • HDG grades S220GD – S550GD, coils and sheets

Hi-strength Steel

The 3 digits state the min. yield strength in N/mm² and are characterized by high tensile strength. Used for high end applications such as constructions and structural parts in the automotive industry.  All grades start with H.

  • CR, grades HC180Y – HC420LA
  • HDG, grades HX180YD – HX500 LAD

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