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Please find below brochures and catalogues describing finished or semi-finished products supplied by RMIG.
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RMIG Formed Products
(3 MB)

A catalogue providing information on the different solutions for the formed and special perforations we can offer.

RMIG Wastepaper Baskets
(1.6 MB)

RMIG wastepaper and litter baskets - baskets in a modern and classic design.

RMIG Richfon (1.4 MB)

RMIG notice boards and partitions - sound absorbing products from RMIG.

Screens for the agricultural industry (4.2 MB)

A brochure describing a wide range of perforated screens especially suited for drying, sorting and other processing of crops.

RMIG Sugar screens
(1.5 MB)

A brochure presenting the perforated products RMIG offers to the sugar industry, includes an application and specification list.

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